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David Cuccinello, art director
Ben Purcell, writer/creative director
Colin Jeffery, executive creative director
Andy Davis, artist
Adam Bright, editor
Spinach, editorial company
Jonathan Elias, music composer
Elias Arts, sound design
Margarita Mix, audio mixer
Samuel Bayer, director
The Syndicate, Telecine colorist
Carol Lombard, producer
H S I, production company
Method, post-production company
TV spot for Universal Studios Orlando. "When we were young, we all dressed in our makeshift capes and we believed we were invincible. For many, that inner hero has been dormant. But there's one place that inspires you to feel superhuman again." “Hero” :30(Open on an exterior shot of an office building. Cut to interior shot of a man in a meeting. His mind is elsewhere)SFX: Music under.(Cut to a seven-year-old kid in a homemade superhero outfit circa 1970 walking alone through modern, crowded city streets, walking purposefully through the sea of humanity. He jumps off a bench, appears in a dark alley and with a determined look on his face breaks into a run. Cut to the man from the meeting, wandering to his office window and looking out. Cut to the man’s POV to see the little superhero across the street on a rooftop terrace. The boy’s pose is heroic, his cape flaps in the wind and his gaze bores into the businessman. The boy flexes his muscles and calls out to him. Cut back to the man and we realize the boy is a younger version of him. The man slowly flexes his muscles in response and a slight smile sweeps across his face) Super: Your inner hero is calling.(Cut to a montage of heroic characters and attractions found at Universal Orlando. Cut to Universal logo)

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