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David Cuccinello/Zack Menna, art directors
Brett Landry, writer
Ben Purcell, creative director
Colin Jeffery, executive creative director
Max Goldman, director of photography
Adam Bright, editor
Spinach, editorial company
The Lodge, music
Nathan Dubin/Margarita Mix, audio mixers
James Rouse, director
Leticia Martinez, agency producer
Carol Lombard, executive agency producer
Outsider, production company
Kia Motors, client
"Automotive Year End Sales Event commercials all look the same. Sheet metal. Deals. And more sheet metal. This campaign for KiaFest is a little different. It's a parody of the movie Flashdance, only instead of a welder in legwarmers, this commercial revolves around a dealer in khakis. From the jump dive roll, to the hip thrust, to the slow-motion, back-lift, multi-angle water drop, every classic move is spoofed. The lyrics describe the dealer's commitment. 'He's a maniac, maniac on the floor. And he's selling like he's never sold before.'" “Maniac” :60(Open on a shot of a record player, similar to the scene from the movie Flashdance. Cut to a tight shot of a dealer’s dress shoes as he runs in place)Music: “Maniac” (lyrics changed).(Around him, customers and dealers are looking at the new Kia Sportage, Spectra, Sedona and Sorento. Above him hangs a Kia Fest banner. As the lyrics kick in, the dealer races into action)Music: He’s a maniac….maniac…on the floor.(Cut to the dealer who is ushering clients to their new Kias. He tosses keys to a woman. He gestures to another customer)Music: And he’s sellin’ like he’s never sold before.(Cut to the dealer jumping over a vehicle and roll out of frame)Music: He’s a maniac….maniac…on the floor.(Cut to another dealer kicking a chair out towards him. The dealer and the chair come together in perfect unison. Just as he sits, another dealer pours water on him, cooling him off)Music: And he’s sellin’ like he’s never sold before.(The dealer pauses for a moment, checks his watch and goes back to work)Super: KiaFest. Deals like never before.

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