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Frank Dattalo, art director
Mike Roe, writer
Grant Tennison, creative director
Frank Dattalo/Mike Roe, group creative directors
Toby Irwin, director of photography
Andrea MacArthur, editor
Peep Show Post, editorial company
Spank Music, music company
Jeff Van Steen, sound design
Dante Ariola, director
Liz Zorek, producer
Brigette Whisnant, executive producer
MJZ, production company
Illinois Lottery, client
Illinois Lottery television commercial. "In Illinois, you can win a minimum of $12 million dollars two times a week. Problem is, people wait and won't play until the jackpot hits much, much higher levels. Which is crazy. Twelve million dollars is a whole bunch of money. Who wouldn't love to win $12 million dollars? Exactly. So we just 'showed 'em the money' by literally dumping $12 million dollars on people. That simple visual stimulus drove a six percent incremental growth last summer.""Combo" :60 (Open on a wide shot of a car driving down the road. Cut to a close-up of two men inside the car. Cut to a wide shot of an office)Anncr. (VO): Three...SFX: Music begins playing throughout. Coins falling.(Cut to a close-up of a man at his desk. A coin falls down on his desk. The man looks up at the ceiling to see where it came from. Cut to close-up of man's desk as more coins fall. Cut to mid-shot of two men in the car as coins fall down like rain on the hood and windshield)Anncr. (VO): Fifty-nine...(the men in the car look at each other. Cut to shot of car driving down the road as coins continue to fall. Cut to close-up of man's desk with coins raining down) Anncr. (VO): Forty-two...(One man walks by with a notebook over his head. Another man stands up out of his cubicle. Cut to woman sitting under her desk while coins and bills rain down around her. Cut to woman looking up, stunned)Anncr. (VO): Six...(Cut to roof of car as bills blow over the top. Money blows past the car as it drives down a farm road. Cut to close-up of man at his desk looking confused)Anncr. (VO): Thirty-one...(Cut to close-up of money falling on man's desk. Cut to people in their offices, money piling up in corners. Cut to car windshield as coins hit and crack glass)Anncr. (VO): And the Mega Ball number is...(Cut to driver looking up and out. Cut to close-up of red traffic light. Driver slams on brakes and skids into piles of money on the street) Anncr. (VO): Fifteen.(Cut to man in office)Anncr. (VO): That concludes last night's Mega Millions drawing.(Cut to TV in office where winning Mega Millions numbers are displayed on screen. Quick cuts to car radio, Mega Millions ticket in passenger's hand. Driver and passenger look at each other. Cut to woman in office holding a Mega Millions ticket, stunned. Office is filled with money and she screams with joy) SFX: Screams of excitement.(Office workers are excited, screaming and throwing money in the air. Men in car scream and high five, as money is still falling around the car) Title: Mega Millions can find you twice a week.Title: Tuesday and Friday Mega Jackpots start at $12 MILLION Logo: Illinois Lottery Mega Millions. $YOU,000,000.Legal: Have fun. Play responsibly. Must be at least 18 to play.

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