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Noel Haan, art director
Derek Sherman, writer
Grant Tennison, creative director
Noel Haan/Derek Sherman, group creative directors
Foundation Content, animation
Matthew Wood, editor
Whitehouse, editorial company
Earhole, music company
Another Country, sound design
John Binder, audio mixer
Harold Einstein, director
Liz Zorek, producer
Brigette Whisnant, executive producer
Station Film, production company
I Cubed, visual effects company
Illinois Lottery TV spot. "This was somewhat of a complicated promotion, but a simple creative idea. The promotion consisted of collecting all your losing lottery tickets, turning them in and then getting a second chance at winning. So that little lottery dream that you thought you had to let go of, well, it's baaaaaaack. And it's wearing vinyl pants.""Drums" :30 (Open on a man working with his head down at a desk in what looks to be an old warehouse)SFX: Drums beating.(Man looks up from his desk, confused)Man: My Lottery dream?(Cut to shot of Dream Man dressed in bright red pleather playing fiercely on the drums. Cut back to man at desk, who sits up and turns into Dream Man)Man: Why are you here? My ticket didn't win.Dream Man: I got a second chance. (Dream Man gets up from drum kit, walks toward man at desk and hits cymbals with drumsticks in passing, making sound effects with his mouth. He stands next to man at desk, props his leg on the chair and sits on the desk)Dream Man: You can win 35 grand every weekday this summer with old tickets.(Dream Man pokes man with drumsticks)Guy: I have old tickets (holding up a cup filled with tickets).Dream Man: I know.Man: I love those pants.(Looking at dream man's tight red pants and reaching out to touch them).Dream Man: You don't think they're too much?Man: Noooo.

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