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Responses by Paper Tiger.

Background: The purpose of this website is to showcase the work of spatial and interior designer David Anthony Chenault and have potential clients fully understand who he is, his process and his design aesthetic. This alignment is important to David, as clients are hiring him and not just his aesthetic.

Design core: David’s interior design style is loud, brash and elegant. We wanted to get that across in the site design, beyond just showing his work as large imagery. In some case, we like to let the content do the talking. In this case, David wanted the whole site to feel crafted around his vision, so making sure that every aspect of the site felt filled-in, full-screen and loud was important. Leaving it to the imagery just wasn’t enough. Our senior designer Frédéric Demers and chief creative officer Jason Debiak teamed up to bring this all to life in an exuberant way.

Also important to both David and Paper Tiger is music. We really connected with David at the beginning of the project around our musical tastes—both our chief executive officer Marc Debiak and David are big Pet Shop Boys fans. So, we wanted to make sure music was a piece of the site. We implemented a music player on the bottom right of the browser that plays music in an interrupted way as you browse.

Favorite details: We established a strong brand voice for David prior to starting design and development. All of the content was written in house by our content director Bridget Dougherty. We just love his tagline: “Declare Mutiny on The Monotonous.” It perfectly explains David’s elegant yet maximalist style.

Challenges: Building it! David was a breeze to work with on the design side. We were aligned from the beginning and had so much fun crafting the whole experience to connect with his vision. We promised a lot in terms of animation and interaction, and we like to believe we pulled it off, even if we pulled hair out during the process.

Our developers Leonardo Mattar and Fabio Carretti tag teamed the development, bringing it to life in a way that pushed the boundaries of what we typically do. We plan to take a lot of this new knowledge into future projects to push boundaries for our clients and make sure we’re not designing the same thing over and over.

Special navigational features: We utilized a full-page experience for the navigation of the website. As you hover over each link, the background of the site changes to an animated experience. We wanted to add movement throughout the whole site, including places where this doesn’t typically happen.

Technology: We used Webflow for the front end and back end, utilizing CSS, HTML, GSAP for animations and JavaScript.

Special technical features: The music player is a web application crafted with CSS, HTML and JavaScript, using GSAP for dynamic sound bar animations. It features smooth volume-fading effects, persistent user authorization and state management, using local storage for seamless music playback across page reloads.

We utilized GSAP to implement a page transition that animates grid items randomly, employing a stagger effect to align with the pixelated theme prevalent throughout the site.

We also employed a robust CMS, empowering the client to craft personalized portfolio pages. This includes the ability to control image orientation between portrait and landscape, create custom grids, and implement dynamic sliders.


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