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Responses by nxt level studio.

Background: The purpose of the site was to show a simple interactive timeline of material engineering firm Corning’s fused silica glass and how it has transformed the past and present and will transform the future. The site creates visual moments of delight throughout the user’s journey of discovery.

The target audience is Corning customers, stakeholders, students and staff. We wanted to prompt audiences to think ‘I didn’t know Corning also did that,’ while communicating Corning as the inventor and leader in the field of high-purity fused silica (HPFS) technology.

Larger picture: The site was part of a larger campaign, with the “wow” video and website promoted separately on various social media. The Corning HPFS website is the first time the complete collection of these stories and visuals have been collected in one place and presented for everyone to learn, explore and experience.

Design core: The rich visual CGI content and layered still images that animate as the user scrolls. They can bring the Apollo 11 space shuttle’s windows to life, raise a submarine or fire a high-powered laser.

Favorite details: We’re proud to have made the best use of the budget by using assets from the hero video as much of the high-level rich content for the website by rethinking, readapting and repurposing them for the website. The site’s mobile version is also a delight to interact with in your hand, as scrubbing to scroll adds tactility.

Challenges: Having to work through lockdown and adopt new ways of working with a client who we never met physically. We also learned how to collaborate online with tools such as Miro and Figma.

New lessons: This was the first project we’ve created without any physical meetings or Post-it notes in sight. The dependency and use of online collaborative tools took a while to get used to, and having to bring culture and social interaction into the process by using icebreakers—as well as encouragement for the client and teams to help populate content and contribute towards the build.

Navigation structure: The navigation was based on a simple timeline for the user to either jump to a specific year or to scroll and experience in chronological order of achievements.

Technology: HTML5, React, JavaScript and Lottie.

Special technical features: The technical feature and technology that we loved was Lottie, which enabled us to bridge a traditional animation tool. We also used Adobe After Effects with development to not only allow for creative experimentation but to process files efficiently for deployment.


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