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Responses by Buzznative.

Background: An independent, Montigny-le-Bretonneux-based optician with a distinctive character, JRC Opticiens offers A-to-Z support to its customers at the point of sale, providing children and adults with advice on optical health, eyeglasses, contact lenses and sunglasses. As the store keeps growing and constantly evolving, the manager wanted to develop its visibility. We at Buzznative helped JRC Opticiens in its promotion around the French department of Yvelines, with all campaigns leading to this website. We thought of the website as a digital version of the experience customers have when they enter the physical shop.

Design core: The client gave our creative team free rein to develop a unique, innovative site—the kind of relationship and trust we like.

The site opens with an introductory black background that symbolizes the JRC Opticiens experience from 1989 to 2021. We separated the site’s main content into several sections introduced by wireframe drawings and short scrolling hooks, alternating white backgrounds and colored backgrounds to create a warm, fresh and dynamic website that references the colors and images of the JRC Opticiens team. The fun elements imbue the site’s content with a feel-good, happy side. Text animations highlight content and create a unique, in-store experience through dynamic narration. The wireframe drawings are custom-made by our graphic designers and highlight the optician’s differences, the human element and the tailor-made know-how.

We carefully selected the typography to illuminate the dynamic storytelling and convey the brand’s personality. Sans serif typefaces like Almarena provide the site with modernity, readability and originality, while serif typefaces like Crimson Text and Garamond only appear in italics to create contrast and intensity, connoting JRC Opticiens’s expertise.

Challenges: Mixing a digital experience and a showcase website and conveying information in a creative way. It’s not as simple as just creating a piece of art; we as a communications agency have to bring performance to our clients and combine art with efficiency.

Time constraints: We went live with a first version and then worked on a second version that focused on adding animation. This was comfortable for our team as the client has been open-minded about building this website with us hand-in-hand.

New lessons: Designing this website has been way more than a learning experience for our team—it has freed our creativity and our minds and let us dive into what kind of websites other opticians have.

Navigation structure: We brainstormed to define how to write strong storytelling for the site to translate JRC Opticiens’s human values and unique personality. The graphic design highlights the key catchlines.

Special navigation features: When moving the mouse cursor, contents are revealed by specific shape blocks. Also, text and images on the site appear as the user scrolls down, creating a dynamic narrative.

Technology: WordPress keeps providing a reliable solution to designing a website. We added CSS and JavaScript for animations. The technical point for our team was to optimize the site’s speed: Google’s algorithm is never too far!


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