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Responses by Nicolas Rajabaly, chief creative officer, makemepulse.

Background: The site is our new company website. We’ve grown internationally and evolved a lot in recent years, and we wanted to demonstrate our DNA, our creative and technical skills, and showcase our work. Our target audience is anyone with an appreciation for beautifully crafted aesthetics and light-as-air technology. We hope it appeals to brands and agencies globally that might want to collaborate with us, as well as to talent from across the creative technology community.

The site was part of a wider company rebrand. Our design team is getting stronger, and the way we partner with brands and agencies needed to be reflected in our new identity: bold, human and high end. We reworked every visual and verbal communication asset we have, and created a small social media campaign, both teasing the redesign as well as breaking down its different elements.

Design core: As we wanted to reflect our new identity, the choice of typography needed to be complementary. We worked a lot on the copy to take an editorial approach on our site. Our hero typography shows the avant-garde side of our creative approach, as the more widely used sans serif typography supports are modern and technological natures. Our wide range of partners and type of work inspired us to design a visual identity that can shift and be infused by everything from a luxury AR project to an experiential website for cosmetics.

Another important thing we wanted to illustrate is that, despite the fact our projects are eclectic, they all share something in common: the 3-D component. That is why we created a subtle design that mixes striking 3-D visuals and typographic layouts.

Favorite details: The cohesive visual identity that has been realized across many variations of design. The big creative ambition to demonstrate playfulness and craft is conveyed through our logo, where we’ve shown that a logo can be so much more than just a static PNG!

We added Easter eggs on the Who We Are and What We Do pages to bring some fun and interactivity to our website; it’s not just business! In these sections, the two main Easter eggs are sets of 3-D spheres—designed from our new logo—that attract two other spheres behind it. As users hold the mouse down and start moving spheres around, a ring appears around the tagline, inviting users to drag the spheres through it. When passing through the ring, the spheres morph into different materials: reflective glass, soft fabric, wood and concrete. Each of these have a different sound design and associated animation. This module is meant to be highly interactive and fun to play with, without stopping users from scrolling down when they browse the content of the page.

Challenges: Prioritizing our time. We needed to balance creating our company website while simultaneously delivering projects for clients. From a design and technical perspective, the challenge was creating a site that is functional as a global new business tool and reflects industry norms while also demonstrating our playful, creative and technical skills. The goal has always been to deliver a very functional experience while adding microinteractions with which users can interact. We think this balance of UX and experience is what makes our site unique—our standards are pretty high!

Time constraints: It took longer than expected! We want to use this site as a design that we can evolve, so we decided not to compromise on output and instead gave ourselves more time. We will be adding a case study on our site to the content in the upcoming months.

Navigation structure: The navigation needed to be future proof, be recognizable when communicating our capabilities, and unique in how it demonstrated the soul, vision and craftsmanship of makemepulse. We designed the architecture of the website based on a .com website structure. The challenge was to design the website in interconnected modules through the user flow while keeping the narrative experiential.

Special features: While having a top menu available at any time in the UX, we designed clever bridges between the different modules and pages of our site. This enables users to seamlessly jump from the homepage to a case study to the Who We Are page without even realizing it. Maximizing those links between pages and supporting them with cool microinteractions showed us that users were more likely to spend time on our website.

We’re seeing a shift in clients that want meditating, relaxing and immersive digital experiences. We wanted our site to reflect that.

Technology: The site is built using all the modern web technologies. From Vue.js to Webpack and by using prerendering solutions, we made sure we created a website that is fast and reliable all around the web.

We also added some 3-D craft using NanoGL, our custom-built framework. We’re obsessive about real-time 3-D capabilities. In recent years, it has benefited our clients to create our own microframework that enables us to elevate technically what can be achieved across devices.


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