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Responses by Tatiana Egoshina, designer; and Tatyana Kovalchuk, editor-in-chief, Readymag.

Background: A collaboration between the team behind web design tool Readymag and You Creative Media, a dynamic creative course and resource platform previously known as Femme Type, “Navigating Career: Designer’s Milestones” presents a visual editorial that delves into the career challenges that professionals confront in the design industry. Drawing from exclusive interviews and real-life experiences of esteemed design experts, such as Veronica Fuerte, Cat How and Beth Wilson, among others, the editorial aims to provide guidance and a unique perspective  on these challenges.

“Design careers, like many professional paths, are rarely straightforward journeys to success,” says Tatyana Kovalchuk. “They are often marked by a series of unexpected setbacks that one either overcomes or steps away from. With this in mind, we’ve designed this editorial to focus on the pivotal moments in a design career and the typical challenges faced by design professionals. These include transitioning into leadership roles, handling workplace conflicts, starting a business and coping with burnout.

“Since the project has been planned in partnership with You Creative Media, it not only focuses on career development, overcoming related challenges and supporting design professionals, but it also fulfills some marketing objectives,” Kovalchuk continues. “We aim to enhance Readymag’s presence in the professional design community and bolster the rebranding efforts of You Creative Media.”

Larger picture: “Each Readymag web special transcends traditional editorial content, forming a comprehensive marketing campaign that includes partnership network engagement, social media promotion and various other placements, both before and after web launch,” says Kovalchuk. “In this collaborative initiative, we aimed to engage both audiences, addressing their overlapping needs while considering each brand’s voice and messaging. During ideation, we sifted through nearly 30 concepts, ultimately selecting the theme of exploring designers’ struggles, fears and uncertainties throughout their careers and lives. This topic is best aligned with our common focus on creative growth and marketing objectives.”

Challenges: “Given our decade-long experience in producing web specials, it appears that what might once have been considered extraordinary obstacles and constraints have now become routine challenges for us,” says Kovalchuk. “The entire process took almost a year to complete, with the most challenging part being the search for remarkable experts and arranging interviews with them. Finding esteemed professionals with experiences that are not only challenging but also inspiring and uplifting is always a daunting task.

“Additionally, there’s a fine line between conveying these stories as moral lessons and capturing their true essence,” Kovalchuk continues. “In this regard, I must commend the professional editorial team at Readymag. Their exceptional writing skills were instrumental in committing these stories to paper. They managed to preserve the authentic spirit of each individual’s journey, ensuring the narratives were both concise and engaging.

“Generally, nearly the entire Readymag marketing team was involved in the project, including ideation, concepting, planning, production, aligning the marketing campaign and post-production,” adds Kovalchuk. “During the production stage, the full editorial team—consisting of three editors, a digital designer and, in a first for us, an AI prompt artist—were actively engaged.”

“The most difficult part of the design process was crafting a visual representation for each chapter as this collaborative web special is accomplished with seventeen AI illustrations,” says Tatiana Egoshina. “Ultimately, the concept of a stone was chosen, drawing inspiration from the phrase ’milestones in design career’ used in the editorial description.”

Technology: “Every website created by the Readymag team is made, of course, with Readymag,” says Egoshina. “We create our web specials to spark conversations and offer some insights into subjects important to our community, but also to test and showcase the capabilities of our product. Editorial design is at its heart, but any web format can be made in Readymag with zero code, whether it’s a landing page, portfolio, presentation or prototype.”

Special technical features: “The AI-generated imagery, created exclusively for this project, serves as the focal point, deliberately boosting user interaction with the content,” Egoshina explains. “The custom cursor, a Readymag feature, gently engages users as they navigate through the text. In other respects, the editorial’s design concept is intentionally concise, with a carefully chosen color scheme and typography that prioritize readability and avoid unnecessary visual distractions. The editorial also maintains simplicity by refraining from an overload of interactive elements and animations.”


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