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Responses by Victor Adebisi, art director and designer; Etuk Josiah Benjamin, creative director and developer; and Diana Etuk, senior UX copywriter, Studio Lumio.

Background: The site serves as a promotional platform for us, showcasing our expertise as an industry leader in design, development and UX copywriting. The site’s target audience is clients seeking high-quality services in areas.

Larger picture: The site plays a crucial role in establishing our credibility and attracting potential clients. It highlights our skills, portfolio and industry leadership, ultimately aiming to position us as a preferred partner for clients.

Design core: In terms of design elements and style, the website adopts a minimalistic approach to streamline users’ attention toward purchasing furniture. The use of brown shades complements the project’s nature, representing the warmth and natural beauty of wood. This color scheme creates a cohesive, harmonious visual aesthetic throughout the website, enhancing the overall user experience.

Favorite details: One detail we’re particularly proud of is the lookbook feature. The layout of the lookbook section is designed in a visually appealing, interactive manner. The movable cards on the screen let users explore different furniture styles and arrangements. This inspires and helps them envision how the furniture will fit into their own spaces. The interactive aspect adds an engaging, enjoyable element to the user experience, making it more immersive and memorable.

Divergent paths: To enhance the shopping experience for customers, we would have incorporated 3-D models of the products and added AR features. This would let customers preview the products in their real-life environment and get a better sense of how they would look and fit in their space. By providing this immersive experience, we could help customers make more informed decisions and increase their confidence in their purchases.

Special navigation features: When a user hovers over an item, the other menu items blur and fade out in order to help them focus. Also, having images of furniture with a wavy effect lure prospective customers’ attention.

Since the site’s primary goal is to sell furniture, we chose to display the shop and bag on the top navigation for easy accessibility.

Technology: The design was done using Figma, and the assets were from Envato.

To allow for a quick, seamless website development, we utilized our Next.js boilerplate. It includes our custom react hooks package.

We used GSAP for animations, Studio Freight’s Lenis for smooth scrolling, three.js and react-three-fiber for working with shaders, and Zustand for state management.


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