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Responses by The First The Last.

Background: On the morning of February 24, 2022, the Russian Federation began large-scale military action in Ukraine. As a result, people are dying, losing their homes and defending their land while Russian propaganda calls it a special operation. Our website’s purpose is to show the truth, give information to those who need help and direct support where it is needed.

Design core: The project is made with the element of comparing two sides of the truth, with one being the open information that fills the world wide web. This is horrific photographs of the suffering and pain people have endured every day of this war initiated by the Russian Federation. On the other hand, Russian propaganda loudly uses the words denazification and demilitarization in an act of blatant fascism toward the Ukrainian people. Behind these words, they try to hide the consequences of their actions in occupied and besieged Ukrainian territory.

Challenges: Figuring out the credibility of the information, which had to be verified and confirmed. We needed to figure out how to present it correctly and, through the design, convey the feelings that people now experience every day in danger.

Time constraints: We did not have a deadline for the project, but we wanted to do it quickly. So, we charted the most responsible approach to the website implementation and took as much detail into account as we possibly could.

Divergent paths: We want peace. We don’t want anyone to be in the middle of hostility. So, we would much rather do a project that details peace and understanding between people, regardless of nation, race or gender identity.

New lessons: This is the first information project of its kind for an open network. We learned how cohesive people can be and what accomplishments they can achieve—also, we learned how much influence propaganda produces without alternative sources. So, we would like to influence the world and provide more of these alternatives to propaganda.

Navigation structure: The site is structured around the key items: “The Beginning of the Full-scale Invasion,” “Losses and Destruction in this War”—the two are updated weekly—“Country Leaders and their Reputation,” “Help for Ukraine” and “Contacts for those who need help.” This is the minimum of what needs to be shown.

Special navigational features: The most important navigational function of the site is the moment with the transition to this-or-that truth, from the one presented by global society to the one broadcast by the aggressor country, the Russian Federation. This lets us see in detail the comparison of the people’s struggle against their occupiers and the silent behavior of Russian citizens who are “out of politics.”

Technology: The front end is Nuxt.js, a framework for creating Vue.js applications. Vue.js is easily integrated into projects using other JavaScript libraries. It can function as a web framework for developing single-page applications in a reactive style. Nuxt.js is a JavaScript library based on Vue.js. In most of our projects, we use Nuxt because it makes our website’s pages load faster in the browser.

One of the main differences between our agency’s sites and others is our use of interesting animations. We pay great attention to their creation and softness of work. Nuxt handles this task much better than other software: it makes animations smooth and easy, which is why we have been giving it preference for many years.


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