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Responses by Coko Gabriel, creative director, Digital Dosis.

Background: VICIO, a food delivery brand specializing in smash burgers, keeps things simple but strives for excellence. Nothing is excessive. Nothing is lacking. And it’s not just about the burgers: it applies to everything revolving around them. A brand linked to music, fashion, street culture and a constant interplay between the digital and analog, VICIO has managed to represent a growing community, making a deep impact wherever it goes and plastering stickers all over every city into which it steps.

Our purpose has been to create a brand website that reflects its culture and bold personality, showcases a portion of the endless content they generate day by day, and extends the brand strategy into a new platform.

Design core: The horizontal layout, which resembles a wall, lets us showcase the brand’s universe in a highly visual and appealing manner. Achieving the goal of projecting a comprehensive array of details and content that identify VICIO’s brand and enable it to extend its narrative.

Microinteractions and animations contribute to create an experience rich in nuance, which, coupled with stickers (one of the most distinctive elements of the brand), provide the depth that fuels VICIO’s visibility.

Challenges: In the design phase, the most challenging aspect of the project was selecting and showcasing the content. VICIO has so many cool things that, being precise about what we want to display and how we want to present it, was the most delicate part of this phase.

However, undoubtedly, the most complex part was the development. Each internal page has a different structure from the rest, as we aimed to surprise users with each new section, which posed an intricate development challenge.

Time constraints: Time is essential to create a project with a certain depth and level of detail. Fortunately, the VICIO team not only provided us with all the material, creative support and necessary resources for the project, but also gave us the opportunity to extend the timings to work on the project with precision and attention to detail.

New lessons: Although we were already very aware of it, the main takeaway is understanding the significant role the client plays in a project like this. First, a coherent brand that knows its subject matter and has a well-defined personality is an essential requirement to create any asset—whether a website or anything else—that has a minimum impact and significance on its audiences. Second, what stands out about VICIO above all others is its intrinsic creative capacity. The brand is managed and led by an internal creative team that knows exactly what they’re doing and greatly facilitates the work of agencies like us, who com in to contribute another piece to its brand machinery.

The main lesson for undertaking a project like this is it’s essential for brands to have a solid positioning and, furthermore, internally understand how they should express themselves.

Technology: We developed the site using Webflow with the intention of streamlining the development process and having a user-friendly CMS that would let the VICIO team update the content easily and quickly.


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